How High (2001): College Dream


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The clip college dream from How High (2001)

Look at Jamal. He's a good boy, huh?
Good boy, my ass. Ask her why I had to cancel my nail appointment...
to go and pick him up in the precinct last week.
Momma, they lyin'. They lyin'?
They found the weed on you, didn't they?
It wasn't mine.
Then what is this that I found in your bedroom?
Hello. Ma, it is a lamp.
And this is where you turn it on now.
Excuse me? Head.
Now, where did I go wrong with your ass?
You're gonna have to take that THC test and get into a four-year college,
or I'm just gonna cut you off from this family.
Baby, you are the first member of this family to go to college,
but six years at a two-year community college is not what I had in mind.
Tell the truth. Baby, I got a dream...
that one day I can put your college diploma...
here under my Jesus, who's master of this house,
next to your brother's prison-issued barber certificate...
and your sister's weave master degree.
Now don't disappoint me, you weed smokin',
three-day-wearin' nasty ass.
Just like your father. Ma,
why you always gotta be talkin' to me like that in front of company?
These bitches ain't nobody.
Now go warm me up some Porkchops-O-Chunky.
Is that all, Momma?
Wash your nasty ass.
Is that all, Momma?
I really don't know what you came here for

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