How High (2001): Fixing the Truth Serum


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The clip fixing the truth serum from How High (2001)

Yes, Dean Cain here.
Yes, I did receive them. As a matter of fact,
I was just going over Silas and Jamal's grades...
and I see they're all ?F's.?
Yes. I agree.
Very sad. Very sad indeed.
Yes. Well, I'll speak to you later.
Yes, yes, yes!
Ah! Hey!
Dean Cain expects us off campus by Monday.
It went that bad in botany class?
Kid lost about 1 5 pounds of fluid.
And that was just from the mouth. And I'm still below a 2.0.
Man, we gonna get kicked the fuck out this school.
Maybe I can go back to being your manager...
and you strip at that club again like you used to.
No, we can't give up.
You can't let the dean win.
Did Commander Riker give up when the Borg infiltrated the Starship Enterprise...
and Captain Picard came back all half robot?
The Borgs? They're here!
Oh, God, run for your life! Oh!
My point is that you two-- My point is shut the fuck up!
It's over.
And we out of here. Wash my hands.
Silas, man, you can't give up.
If you get this botany grade changed, they have to keep you.
Yeah, my truth serum. Yeah.
I gotta fix it. Yo! That's right.
Yo, yo
Here's your coffee.

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