How High (2001): Paddle Competition


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The clip paddle competition from How High (2001) with Chris Elwood, Anna Maria Horsford

Young MC.
Bart, you know, I think you keep getting funnier every day.
You ain't gonna be laughin' in a minute, motherfucker.
Jamal. Bart, I've decided since you and Jamal are my two best athletes,
I want you up against Yale. Ah!
You can't just change the line up! That's against the rules!
What rules? Who cares? Do you guys care about the rules?
No. There you go.
In the far lane, we have Yale.
In the near lane, we have Harvard.
On your mark, get set--
And they're off! It's a clean start.
What are you doing, Hip-Hop Hooray? Paddle!
Paddle like a man! Shoot the J! Get diggy with it. Something.
They're blowin' Harvard's ass out of the water.
Jamal, what is your ass doin' rowin' a boat?
You supposed to be in class.
Who the hell is that woman in the sky?
I don't know.
What's the matter?
You been smokin' too much ganja, huh?
She's huge!
I guess you might as well come back home and live with me.
Oh, hell, no!
Did you cuss at me?
Row, motherfucker, row!

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