How High (2001): Botany Class


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The clip Botany class from How High (2001)

Can anyone tell me the name Of this plant? Bart?
Oh, yeah. It's a, uh, hanging rubber plant.
It's indigenous to the wet drylands of the Northern Hemisphere.
Yeah, right, Bart. Would you bet money on that?
Or is that like below the ? Dooster Principle??
Yeah, I'll bet on it. How about an S.U.V.? I got three of?em.
And the survey says, "You lose."
It's a neem plant, Professor.
Oui. It is, but how did you know that, Silas?
I had this nasty-ass rash once.
Put a little neem plant on it, cleared it up in an hour.
I even smoked it before.
Well, that figures.
One thing it doesn't cure, though? Bein' a spoiled little bitch.
I'd like you all to do an experiment on a plant,
something that may benefit mankind.
And if you devise something groundbreaking,
I guarantee you an "A " in this course. Class dismissed.
Good work, everyone. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
So, he likes plants, does he?
I see still waters run deep. Please believe.
But wait till you see my presentation.
You gonna love me after that.
So, Lauren, you might as well tell him now and get it over with.
What? You know. How you said...
you're startin' to see Bart for the shallow bastard that he is,
and eventually you're gonna leave his ass for me.
This semester in Women's Studies, we will discuss...

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