How High (2001): Getting into College


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The clip getting into college from How High (2001) with Garrett Morris, Tracy Morgan

Hey, I'm hungrier than five.
Who is you, and what's you doin' in my house, Jack?
I work for Porkchops-O-Chunky.
Whetheryou're black, or a honky or in-between, you'll love Porkchops-O-Chunky.
Man, that's me! So what's in this stuff?
Nothin' but pork. Wow! Right on!
Why don'tyou have a bowl-- There you go, man.
Yo, you scared to answer your call?
Porkchops-o-Chunky Taste real good
Won't make your bathroom smell funky, yeah
You got a opportunity to do somethin' here...
that the drug companies would never do: What up? Stay up.
puttin' the power of healin' in the hands of the common man. Yeah, whatever.
What you need to do is concentrate on gettin' the power of booty...
into the hands of your common ass, that's what you need to do.
Don't worry about the Ive. I got mine comin' tonight. Hey, Silas.
Damn, you see the ass on her? Shut up, boy.
Yo, you just remember to take them THC's, at least try to get into college,
workin' in a real lab, makin' some real money.
Yeah, okay. Whatever, man. If you say so, bro.
The world is bigger than Staten Island, dog.
I'm out.
Holler at me. I'll try to.
What's up, ladies? Yo, Si.
If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, I got your back, dog.
If anything happened to me while I jumped out a window...
and my hair caught on fire, I got your back, dog.
If my ex came after me with a knife and stabbed me, I got your back!
Man, you talk too fuckin' much. Peace!
Yo, Silas! You better take those college exams!

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