How High (2001): Rivals Meet


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The clip rivals meet from How High (2001) with Method Man, Redman

Remember those artifacts that I found this summer? Well, I was right!
They are Ben Franklin's! Great!
Did you figure out where you wanna eat dinner tonight?
Dinner? Bart, you know, some of these things are--
They look like earlier inventions,
and if I can discover what these are,
it could be the greatest find in the history of anyone attending Harvard.
I love Ben Franklin, girl,
and I could listen to you talk about his stinkin' ass all day long.
Excuse me?
Oh, do anybody know where the financial aid office is?
Well, my man, let me think.
See that statue right there? It's beautiful, isn't it?
That statue is in the likeness of my great granddaddy Dooster,
so I'm guessin' that would be the Dooster House--
the financial aid office.
Gee, I don't think I've ever met anyone who actually needed to go there.
All we did was come over for directions.
If we came over here and asked if anybody needed their ass kicked,
you wouldn't sound so fuckin' smug, now would you?
My bad, bro. We got off on the wrong foot.
Let's start over. I'm Bart. Yeah, I'm Jamal.
Well, my friend, this is crew, but don't even think about it.
You don't look like you could hang, Jamaine.
The name's Jamal, and I'll fuck your crew up.
Who are they? Who are they, goddamn it? It's rowing, Jimmy Jam.
Well, Bart-fart, you got skills in it?
I'm captain of the team.
If you can do it, I can do it, sucker. Right, goddamn it!
This isn't basketball, J. Rock.
I train all year round for three seasons to make number one in single sculls.
You about to be number two, 'cause I'm signin' up, buddy.
Well, practice starts tomorrow at 6?00 a.m., all right?
Fine! I don't mind cutting my evening short to be there.
As dean of freshmen, I have welcomed students from all over the world.

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