How High (2001): Eating Cheetos


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The clip eating Cheetos from How High (2001)

Gentlemen, this institution has graduated...
countless Fortune 500 C.E.O.'s,
41 Nobel laureates and 6 presidents.
Hey, Dean...
where's all them fly-ass women the chancellor was talkin' about?
I mean, so far, I only seen some stuck-up,
nerdy-ass-lookin' women out there.
You were dropping Chee-tos...
You were dropping Chee-tos...
on an original 18th-century handwoven tapestry!
You mean, this carpet?
This is out of my personal collection.
I got this in my travels to Nepal!
Man, I know the bitch that make these rugs. You know Juanita.
Yeah, I remember that bitch.
It means the world to me!
Now, as I was saying, here at Harvard...
we have very high standards.
Any student on a scholarship...
must maintain at least a 2.0 average, or you will be expelled.
It's good to know we have the support of the faculty, Dean.
And don't you worry. Me and Jamal here,
we're all about good grades.
Is that right, Mr. King?
Hell, motherfuck-- I mean, yes, sir, Dean Cain, sir.

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