How High (2001): the Dean's Attack


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The clip the Dean's attack from How High (2001)

Yo, dog, man. Look like you did it, dog, man. You got a new serve, man.
You gonna be an herbal scientist, my brother.
Me and you turned this place upside down, didn't we?
Did we! Amazing what two brothers...
from the P. can do with just a little bit of opportunity.
Word. Holler at your dogs, man.
I will, man.
- -
Secret Service!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Dean, Dean, Dean, ease up on the black-on-black crime, bro.
Oh, this motherfucker done messed up my shit!
Back up! Back up, nigger! You better give me three feet!
Give me three feet!
Whoa! -
Hey, get up. Oh, my God
Oh, cool.
Take him away, boys. Take your hands off of me! Do you realize who I am?
What are you looking at?
I Need Money, you talked!
Why, yes, Jamal. It is somewhat of a surprise to me also.
Lord, it's a gift! It's a gift from above! Make it float like a dove!
Make it scream like Michael in a rhinestone glove. Lord, Lord, Lord.
Popcorn player. Popcorn player.

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