How High (2001): Stay in College


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The clip stay in college from How High (2001)

I didn't inhale! Woo-hoo!
God, this is the wildest time I've ever had.
You won't mind that I'm bangin' your daughter on the regular.
No, no! Not at all.
Good,?cause Jamal's gonna be my baby daddy.
Ah, son, welcome to the family.
Silas, your experiment was a success.
Your serum worked, and you're going to get an ?A? in my course.
Ooh, Professor! So that means I get to stay.
You betcha! You can stay as long as it takes you to graduate.
I don't care. Right, ladies? Mmm!
Shall we, ladies?
Hey, down here! This is not happening!
Lauren, you are coming with me!
Honey, you have never satisfied me.
But I can.

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