Same Time, Next Year (1978): Doris Graduated High School


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The clip doris graduated high school from Same Time, Next Year (1978)

Is there anything I can say that would make you feel any better?
You can say anything you want except, "It's all in your head. "
I'm no doctor, but I have a great sense of direction.
What shall we talk about?
Anything but sex.
How do you feel being pregnant?
Oh, catatonic,
pragmatic and...
finally maternal.
Pretty much in that order. Your vocabulary is improving.
Oh, you don't know.
You happen to be speaking to a high school graduate.
No kidding. How come?
I was confined to my bed for the first three months of my pregnancy,
so it shouldn't be a total loss, I took a correspondence course.
You're really something, you know that?
There's kind of an ironic twist to all this.
I didn't graduate from high school the first time because I got pregnant.
Now I did graduate from high school because I got pregnant.
I don't know. That kind of appeals to my sense of order.
Harry still selling real estate?
No. Insurance.
He likes it, though.
Gives him a chance to look up all his old army buddies.
Are you comfortable in that position?
When you're in my condition, you're not comfortable in any position.

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