Same Time, Next Year (1978): Hall Closet Stories


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The clip hall closet stories from Same Time, Next Year (1978)

When I told him I wanted to go back to school to get some identity,
he said to me, "You want identity, go build a bridge, invent penicillin.
Just get off my back. "
I always said Harry had a good head on his shoulders.
That was supposed to be the bad story about him.
How's Helen?
Helen's fine, just fine.
Hmm. Why don't you tell me a story that shows how really rotten she can be?
That's not like you.
I know, but it seems like we need something to bring us together.
I thought a really lousy story about Helen would make you appreciate me more.
Okay. As you know, she has this funny sense of humor.
By funny, I take it you mean peculiar. Right.
And it comes out at the most inappropriate times.
I had just signed this client
very proper, very old money.
Helen and I were invited to his house for cocktails with him and his wife.
Well, it was all pretty awkward,
but we managed to get through the drinks all right.
Then, as we were leaving, instead of walking out the front door,
I walked into the hall closet.
Well, that wasn't so bad. Anybody could've done that.
My mistake was I stayed in there.
You stayed in the closet?
I wasn't sure anybody had seen me go in. Aha.
I guess I figured I'd stay in there until they'd all gone away.
All right. Maybe I didn't think things through.
I was there a minute before I realized I had probably misjudged the situation.
And then when I came out, the three of them were just staring at me.
Well, it was pretty awkward, but I probably could've carried it off except for Helen.
You know what she did?

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