Same Time, Next Year (1978): Wrong Name


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The clip wrong name from Same Time, Next Year (1978)

I want you to know that what happened last night was the most beautiful,
wonderful, crazy thing that's ever happened to me,
and I'll never forget it or you.
What? My name is Doris.
Your name is Doris? Yes.
I've been calling you Dorothy all night. I know.
Why didn't you tell me earlier? I didn't know we were gonna end up-
And then I did try and tell you, but you weren't listening.
It was right in the middle of everything.
It was incredible, wasn't it?
It was... nice.
I mean, especially the last time.
I know, I'm an animal.
I don't know what came over me.
I mean, I was
Wait, what was wrong with the first two times?
Well, the first time was a little fast.
And, um, the second time-
Listen, I really feel funny talking about this.
It was a very beautiful thing, Doris.
There was nothing ugly or disgusting about what we did.
Then how come you look so down in the dumps?
Because my wife is going to kill me.
Well, how's she gonna find out? She knows already.
You said she was in New Jersey.
It doesn't matter. She knows.
Was it as incredible for you as it was for me?
Do all men like to talk about it a lot afterwards?
Why? You think I'm some kind of a pervert or something?
Oh, no! I was just curious.
See, I was a virgin when I got married. Well, at least sort of.

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