Same Time, Next Year (1978): George Leaves in a Rush Part 2


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The clip george leaves in a rush Part 2 from Same Time, Next Year (1978)

and you wanna get as far from me as possible.
All right! I feel guilty, yes!
Is that so strange?
Doris, we're cheating.
Once a year we lie to our families...
and sneak off to a hotel in California...
and commit adultery!
Not that I want to stop doing it.
But yes, I feel guilty. I admit it.
You admit it?
You take out ads.
I'll bet you stop strangers on the street!
You probably have a scarlet "A" embroidered...
on your jockey shorts.
You go around like an open nerve saying,
"Yes, I'm cheating, but look how guilty I feel,
so I must really be a nice guy. "
Then to top it all, you have the incredible arrogance...
of thinking you're the only person in the world with a conscience.
Well, that doesn't make you a nice guy, George!
You know what that makes you? A horse's ass!
I liked you a lot better before you joined the Book of the Month Club.
Yes, I'll just bet you did.
Look, can we discuss this in the car?
The car?
I really hate to ask you, Doris, but I need a lift to the airport.

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