Same Time, Next Year (1978): Pregnancy Story


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The clip pregnancy story from Same Time, Next Year (1978) with Ellen Burstyn

Yeah, somehow it just didn't seem right to bring up last night,
but I was on my way to retreat.
Retreat? Yeah.
See, it's right near here.
I go every year at this time when Harry takes the kids to Bakersfield.
What's in Bakersfield? His mother.
It's her birthday.
Doesn't she mind that you don't go? No, she hates me.
'Cause I got pregnant. Her son had something to do with that.
Yeah, she blocks that out of her mind.
See, he was in his first year of dental college...
and he had to quit and take a job selling waterless cooking.
So now every year on her birthday, I just go on retreat.
To think about God?
Well, him too, sure, but also about myself...
'cause, see, I got pregnant when I was just 18,
so I've never really had any time to just think.
You know, I mean, about,
well, what I think about.
Never mind. I don't know what I'm trying to say.
Sometimes I think I'm crazy. Why?
Oh. Well,
okay, like, take my life.
Now, we live in a two-bedroom duplex in downtown Oakland,
and we have a 1948 Studebaker,
a blond, three-piece dinette set,
Motorola TV.
We go bowling at least once a week.
I mean, what more could anyone ask for?
But sometimes...
things get me down.
Oh, I don't know. It's dumb.
I don't think it's dumb.
You don't? No.

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