Same Time, Next Year (1978): Helen Died


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The clip helen died from Same Time, Next Year (1978)

Where's your luggage? Still in the car?
I didn't bring any. I can't stay.
Why not? Look, I have a lot to say...
and a very short time to say it, so I'd better start.
In the first place, it turns out that...
Helen found out about us 10 years ago.
When did you learn that? Two months ago.
And she never confronted you with it before?
No. What made her tell you now?
She didn't. We have a very close friend, Connie.
Have I ever mentioned her?
Well, Connie told me.
All those years, and she never even hinted that she knew.
I guess that's the nicest story I've ever told about her.
Your wife is an amazing woman.
She passed away, Doris.
I lost her six months ago.
It was very fast.
I'm sorry to blurt it out like that. I couldn't think of a graceful way to tell you.
It's so strange.
I never even met Helen, and I feel like I've just lost my best friend.
Are the kids okay? The kids are great. If it weren't for them,
I don't know if I'd have gotten through this whole thing.

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