Planet Terror (2007): Meeting Abby in the Jail Cell


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The clip meeting abby in the jail cell from Planet Terror (2007)

Where is here?
The old army base.
El Wray?
That you?
He's with them.
I saw him in their convoy earlier.
I'm a scientist...
and a businessman.
Not military.
Which is why he's gonna tell us
what the fuck is going on.
They're stealing biochemical weapons.
Also known as "Project Terror."
Designed to take out an entire populace
in a controlled landlocked area.
You were supplying it to them.
That's why they shut you out.
They found my supply.
It's under our feet.
Ten stories down.
What about countering
with atropine and PAM-2?
Interferes with the neurotoxic delivery,
sets off the cell-blaster,
and you're gushing blood and pus
through every sacred hole in your body.
The only treatment
is a regimented exposure to DC-2 itself.
It delays the negative effects.
They need it...
Iike a drug.
Correct. But we found that
a small percentage of people
are not affected by the gas itself,
and within this small percentage
lies a cure.
What do you want to do?
Put our backs against the ocean
and defend ourselves from there.
No. We have to get back to my lab.
This infection will sppread
all over the world,
to every man, woman and child,
unless I finish my antidote.
You have an antidote?

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