Planet Terror (2007): Fake Trailers


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The clip fake trailers from Planet Terror (2007)

They called him Machete.
$70 a day for yard work.
100 for roofing.
Get in.
125 for septic.
Have you ever killed anyone before?
As you may know,
illegal aliens such as yourself
are being forced out of our country
at an alarming rate.
for the good of both our people.
Our new senator must die.
And for that I will pay you $150,000...
He was given an offer
he couldn't refuse.
I cost the most...
'cause I'm the best there is.
Set up, double-crossed,
and left for dead.
I took a vow of peace.
And now you want me
to help you kill all these men?
Yes, bro.
I mean, Padre.
I'll see what I can do.
He knows the score.
Where are my wife and daughter?!
He gets the women.

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