American Gangster (2007): Starting over with Looking for Dealers


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The clip starting over with looking for dealers from American Gangster (2007)

Right here, here we go. What have we got here?
Wash your hands? I got one print of that, don't smudge it.
Hey, Spearman, what about him?
Who is that?
Joey Sodano. Don Cattano's nephew.
Yeah, yeah. Put him up there by the big man.
He looks like your uncle, Abruzzo.
Yeah, but he's not as handsome.
He looks more like your sister. Where's Ice Pick's mug?
Yeah, that's funny.
Maybe you guys should take that show on the road.
So we need Ice Pick Paul.
Ice Pick Paul? Sure. Yeah.
There you go. Get him up.
Ice Pick Paul, he goes way up there, up top.
No, Ice Pick Paul, he's a fucking soldier. This guy's a lieutenant.
How's that even fucking possible?
That's Benny the Bishop.
That guy is a soldier. This guy's a lieutenant. No way that guy's on top.
You thinking of Benny the Bishop.
Vinnie Two Socks is fucking Cattano's deadbeat son-in-law.
Jonesy's right.
Hey, which one of you guys has ever actually seen Ice Pick Paul selling drugs?
Actually seen it go down?
Yeah, seen it go down. Been in his place. Seen him handle drugs.
That rat, Ricky, has told us...
He's fucking dead. About four weeks ago.
He's dead.
All right, well, we can take him off the fucking board.
I don't think we got any solid evidence on anybody on that board.
What you saying, Richie? This is weeks and weeks of work, man.
I'm saying, take it down. We got to start again from the street.

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