American Gangster (2007): Richie Sees Cops Dealing and Gets His Money Back


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The clip Richie sees cops dealing and gets his money back from American Gangster (2007) with Josh Brolin

Frankie, Frankie! Sit down.
Happy birthday, gentlemen. How you doing, huh?
He's about to do something, huh? He's going bowling?
Look at that. Strike.
Hey, what's between your legs? What's in the bag?
Get up, you fucker. Get the fuck up!
Knock it off.
Shut the fuck up! What did I tell you?
Keep your fucking head down.
Shut up! Whose bag is this?
What're you doing? Sit down and shut up!
Don't you move!
Hey, guys? Guys! Officers!
Hey, I'm Richie Roberts, from Newark.
That's my money.
What the fuck? What money, huh? What money?
The bills are sequenced, right?
They're registered with the Essex County Prosecutor's Office. Just check them out.
They all start with CF3500. Have a look.
Fucking registers.
I thought I had a fucking Chris-Craft sitting in my driveway.
Honest mistake. I'll just get the money.
This time.
All right.
There it is. All right. Thank you.
When was the last time I was in Jersey? Let me think.
What're you doing, coming over here unannounced?
You don't think you could get hurt doing that?
You got your fucking money, Richie.
And never, ever come into this city again unannounced.
You come in to see a fucking Broadway show,
you call ahead first, see if it's okay with me.

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