American Gangster (2007): the Cops Are Involved in the Heroin Business


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The clip the cops are involved in the heroin business from American Gangster (2007) with Josh Brolin, Denzel Washington

Detective Trupo, sign here.
You guys ready to make a lot of fucking money?
Always. Hell, yeah.
Fucking A.
Oh, look at this.
There you go.
All right, look at this. Fucking beautiful.
There's three more boats.
Hey, don't lose any of that shit.
I know. All right, be careful.
Hey! Just enough for the reagent test.
A little less.
ROSSl: This is the French Connection dope:
Kilos of the same dope Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso took from us:
The cops seize it, arrest everyone,
then they start taking it out of the evidence room,
whacking it down to nothing and selling it back to us:
They basically control the market with it:
Mr Rossi, I have a surprise for you.
ROSSl: They've been doing it for years now: They live off it, our dope:
What do you think?
What the fuck is happening to the world, Frank?
Those fucking crooks.
Yeah. Sad about Bumpy.
Things are never gonna be the same in Harlem.
You walk down the street, nobody bothers you 'cause Bumpy was making sure of it.

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