American Gangster (2007): Raiding the Blue Magic Factory Part 2


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The clip raiding the blue magic factory Part 2 from American Gangster (2007)

Come on, there you go.
Hey, Tim.
Girl, why don't you get some clothes on?
Let's go.
You think you bad, huh?
Hold on. Where you going? Where you going?
Come on!
I'll get it!
Where's Tim?
Quiet, kid!
I got some sandwiches for you boys, man.
But where's Tim?
Shit. Man, Tim always playing around.
Hey, man!
You got some Blue Magic, baby?
Fucking junkie!
Yo, handle that!
I'm sick! Come on! I got money, man!
Come on, man, you know me, baby!
Come on! Come on, I need that Blue Magic, man.
It's me, Boogaloo, baby.
Hey, man, you know I got your god damn money. Come on, man.
And one, two, three! Fucking junkie.
Police! Police!
Drop it! Get out, get out!
Drop the gun!
Don't do it!
Drop the gun, drop it!
Don't do it.
Police! Everybody down!
You motherfucker!
Police! Nobody move!
Look out!

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