American Gangster (2007): The Entire Program is in Jeopardy


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That was a military transport plane.
If there was heroin onboard,
then someone in the military would have to be involved.
Which means that even as it fights a war that's claimed 50,000 American lives,
the military is smuggling narcotics.
That is how this event today will be interpreted.
That someone employed by this office
believes that the United States Army is in the drug trafficking business
and is trying to prove it by desecrating the remains of young men
who have given their lives in the defence of democracy!
There is dope on that plane.
Shut the fuck up!
Is it any wonder, then, because of your actions,
the entire federal narcotics programme is now in jeopardy
of being dismantled as completely and enthusiastically
as that fucking transport plane?
That is what you've accomplished, Mr Roberts, single-handedly.
I had good information.
That the target of my investigation was bringing dope in on that plane.
And that target is?
Frank Lucas.
His name's Frank Lucas.
Who is Frank Lucas? Who does he work for? Which family?
He's not Italian. He's black.
Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?
You're this close to the end of your career in law enforcement
and you're making fucking jokes?
My investigation indicates
that Frank Lucas is above the Mafia in the dope business.
My investigations also indicate
that Frank Lucas buys direct from a source in Southeast Asia.
He cuts out the middlemen and uses US military planes
and personnel to transport pure number 4 heroin into the United States
and he's been doing so on a regular basis since 1969.
I have cases against every member of Frank's organisation.
Frank's organisation?
No fucking nigger has ever accomplished what the American Mafia hasn't in 100 years!
And you would know that how? Why?
'Cause your head is stuck up your fucking ass?
Hey, Lou, do me a favour. Will you get this fucking kike out of here?
Kike? Kike?
Richie, no.

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