American Gangster (2007): Richie's Divorce Trial


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The clip Richie's divorce trial from American Gangster (2007)

I'm not talking about your proclivities, Richie. Those I only know too well.
I'm talking about being a cop.
You're talking about taking money?
I don't do that. It's not my thing.
What about your friends from the neighbourhood?
Do you still hang out with them?
Play baseball on the weekends.
Wise guys? That's gonna look good.
Guys I went to high school with. So what?
What about Joseph Sodano?
What about him?
Richie, I'm just trying to understand things your wife has said.
If they're not true, tell me.
Yeah, he's one of them.
Is he also your son's godfather?
He's definitely fucking her.
Do you really care about this? Or do you just not want her to win ever?
You know, there's an interview room on the second floor.
That's what I thought.
The door only locks from the inside.
All rise.

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