American Gangster (2007): Frank Purchased an Estate for His Mom


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The clip Frank purchased an estate for his mom from American Gangster (2007) with Ruby Dee, Denzel Washington

Anybody want some more collard greens?
I wanna tell you how happy I am to see all my children at the table
and the grandchildren at the same time.
My heart's so happy.
Enjoy yourselves.
Right on, Grandma.
I hope you got a job, boy, the way you're eating over here.
That boy right there, he got a arm on him. I mean, a major league arm.
Oh, yeah?
Ain't that right?
Right on, Pop.
Well, we'll see after dinner. We'll see him throw it around a little bit.
No, no, you can't catch him, man.
I'm talking about... I'm talking about...
This guy throw harder than Gibson.
We're talking 95 miles an hour.
Can you catch him?
He gonna...
He gonna catch the ground.
We might've played catch, I think, when I was about five years old.
Since then, he ain't been able to keep up.
This is your room.
It's perfect.
Oh. Why, it's...
Will you look at this?
It's beautiful. It's beautiful. It's just...
How did you...
I had it made.
From memory.
You were five when they took it away on me.
That's right.
How could you remember it?
How could I forget, Mama?
I'll just tell you it is perfect.
It's all perfect.
I can't tell you how much I love you.
I love you, too, Mama.
It's okay.

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