American Gangster (2007): the New Gangsters Part 2


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The clip the new gangsters Part 2 from American Gangster (2007) with Denzel Washington

I think you walked right past it.
The money jar, Frank. What do I gotta do, put a fucking sign on it?
Look at this nigger right here. You know, Frank,
Bumpy don't own 116th no more.
Bumpy don't own no real estate in Harlem right now.
I'm the landlord and the lease is 20%.
Look, don't sell dope then, Frank. Get a real job.
You need a fucking job, Frank? Hmm? Is that what you need?
Well, you can come work for me.
Okay? You can drive me around, huh? You can open my doors.
Huh? "Yes, sir", "No, sir", "Right away, sir", "Anything you want, Massa Johnson".
Twenty percent.
Twenty percent is my profit, Tango.
If I give you that, then what do I got left? Nothing, man.
Twenty percent puts me out of business,
and every somebody you know out of business.
There's legitimate ways of doing things, Tango, and then there's this way.
Not even Bumpy took 20%.
Bumpy's fucking dead.
My man.
Twenty percent?
Twenty percent.
Doc, let's go.

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