American Gangster (2007): Extorting Frank


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The clip Extorting Frank from American Gangster (2007) with Josh Brolin, Denzel Washington. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

What's happening? Sit tight.
Congratulations, Frank.
So, you sure you done the right thing? I mean, she's a beautiful girl and all...
Hey, hey, listen, listen.
Before you say anything about me or about my wife,
understand this is the most important day of my life, Detective.
Oh, I understand. I understand.
You know, a man who walks around in a $50,000 chinchilla coat
and never even bought me a cup of coffee.
There's something wrong there. Pay your bills, Frank?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you pay your bills, I asked you?
If you're not getting your share,
maybe you need to talk to the Chief of Police.
What's my share? 'Cause you don't even fucking know me.
Maybe I'm special.
You are special.
You see that right there?
Special Investigations Unit.
Get it?
Ten grand. First of each month. Deliver it right here.
Are you done?
Oh, yeah, I'm done.
Don't forget your card. Have a nice fucking honeymoon.
Let's go.

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