Out of the Blue (2006): Helen Talks to Chris


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The clip Helen talks to Chris from Out of the Blue (2006)

Gray is the offender.
Yeah. Roger. David Gray, 37 years,
uh, he's certainly eccentric.
Is that you?
The... The man said the ambulance is on its way.
Oh, good idea.
And the police are on their way, too,
so you'll soon be out of it.
I don't think I know you.
Yes, you do.
I'm Jimmy Dickson's mother.
Jimmy, with the little dog.
Oh, yeah. Patch.
He hasn't come home.
I'm worried about him.
How old is he?
Oh. Well, he'll be lying low.
Oh, have you got a wife?
I should be ringing her.
I'm divorced. Twice.
Ha. Made a bit of a mess of my... ha...
Any children?
Don't see them very much.
Well, they're busy these days.
I see Jimmy all the time.
And Heather keeps an eye on me.
She's my daughter-in-law, really,
but we're very close.

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