High Plains Drifter (1973): Church Assembly


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The clip Church assembly from High Plains Drifter (1973)

Fornication and sins ofthe flesh.
That?s what?s going on under my roof right now while l?m talking to you.
That stranger has taken over my hotel...
and thrown good, honest, decent folk out into the night.
Why didn?t you stop him, Lewis? You?ve got a gun.
Shut your fat mouth, Sam.
We?re tired of giving you money for doing an incompetentjob.
Don?t you talk to me that way!
Please! Look at us!
Sweet God, look what?s happening to us!
Right, it?sjust like the preacher says.
That stranger?s got everybody at each other?s throats.
He?s set himself up like a king.
He?s got you all snake-fascinated, every damn one ofyou.
This crazy picnic. Two hundred gallons of blood-red paint.
It couldn?t be worse ifthe devil himself had ridden into Lago.

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