High Plains Drifter (1973): Wild Callie


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The clip Wild Callie from High Plains Drifter (1973) with Marianna Hill

Let me out!
Damn you!
Let go of me, you fat slug!
Let go of me! Get off me!
Hey, come here. What is this?
I wasjust down there soundin? out that stranger...
when she come in blastin? away like--
All right, Sam.
You?re gonna let him get away with this?
Be a little patient, will ya?
When a man?s used to having his own way...
you let him have it until he goes too far.
Just what do you consider goin? too far?
Isn?t forcible rape in broad daylight a misdemeanour in this town?
There?s too much at stake to throw away on hysterics now.
I can remember some hysterics one night not too long ago.
Callie, keep your mouth shut!
Morgan, get her out of here.
I?ll see you later.
Not while that squinty-eyed son ofa bitch is still breathing!
You wonder ifthere?s a man left in this town!
I mean, one honest-to-God man with a full set of balls!

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