New York, I Love You (2009): Hitting on Lady Part 2


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The clip hitting on lady Part 2 from New York, I Love You (2009)

Great. What would you like?
Whatever you're having. Two gin and tonics, no ice.
Losing your cell phone's like losing your mind.
Do you come here a lot?
I do. A lot. Too much.
Long story.
Tell me.
I've got a ton of time.
I only saw my dad once in my whole life,
right here.
When my mom was pregnant with me,
she never told him.
Just left him.
Growing up, she had a lot of boyfriends.
Went through one after another.
Always left them.
Every time she'd leave a man, though,
she'd keep something, like a souvenir.
Maybe a book or a necklace or a painting.
When she left my dad, she kept me.
I was her souvenir.
Before she died, she gave me a piece of paper
with his name and number on it.
I called him up, and we met here.
I said one thing to him.
What did you say?
That's it?
"I'm a gift for you, from Mom."
Thank you.
I walk past your flower room every day.
I see you, but I say nothing.
I'm so afraid to look at you. Oh, girl.
You say I'm the strongest. I say you're the kindest.
You ask me where I'm going. I point to the ocean.
Oh, girl.

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