New York, I Love You (2009): Credits Opening


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The clip credits opening from New York, I Love You (2009)

Hey, go to Williamsburg. You going to go to--
Oh, I'm sorry, man. Uh, yeah. Sorry.
Going to Williamsburg. North 6th and Wythe.
Do you mind? I'll just hang onto you.
Can you just drop me off at Williamsburg Bridge?
That's fine because I'm headed into the Bowery. Do you mind?
All right, that's fine. We'll just split a fare.
Two stops. Yeah. Chamber Street.
Just take the FDR-- No, no, not FDR Drive.
Not Chamber Street. No. Oh, my God. If you take FDR Drive,
first of all, it's more of a fare. I do this every single day.
It's an extra 20 minutes. I got to be somewhere.
Take the FDR Drive, please. It's a lot faster.
I think we can hang down the West Side Highway
and make a left on Chamber Street.
There's no point, though. There's going to be--
Bleecker, guys. We're going Bleecker.
No, we both want to go to the same area.
Bleecker's going to take an extra hour.
Bleecker Street is totally out of the direction. That's ridiculous.
Both of you, out of the cab.
Wait a second. Calm down, man.
We're not going to get out. We'll share the same rate. We're not going to Bleecker.
Out of my cab.

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