New York, I Love You (2009): Sexual Proposition

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The clip sexual proposition from New York, I Love You (2009) And I'm so glad you walked over here because ...
The clip sexual proposition from New York, I Love You (2009) And I'm so glad you walked over here because now I can feel a little bit more comfortable to tell you that I happen to be, uh, on the forefront of men able to find and locate a woman's G-spot. And I could do that for you. That's really generous of you. Thank you. It's my pleasure. Well, it's your pleasure. And what makes you think I haven't located it yet? Um, the way you hold the cigarette. It's a little high and tight, you know? What you have to do is you have to lower it. You have to bring it all the way down in there so it just sits comfortably. It rests there. If it's high and tight like that, the whole body gets restricted, and the plexus gets closed off, you know, and the vagina gets locked. Look, I just happen to know this crazy, weird technique with the vagina. It's kind of cool, and I thought you'd be interested. But you have to be prepared. You know what I mean? Preparation is the key. I mean, it starts with a little walk. Just a short walk, like... You know, like, to, uh-- like my apartment. It's a couple blocks from here. And we would walk, and I would tell you a few little elegant, classy jokes. You know, kind of getting us a little giggly, a little silly. You know? And then we'd share a glass of Burgundy. Burgundy? Yeah. We'd bask in the warm, gentle, romantic yet erotic glow of, uh, my spacious loft. And then I would undress you, and you would undress me. We'd stand naked before each other, and we'd kiss. I find- I find kissing a very helpful, sweet way to- to relax. And then, maybe I would-- I would-- I would bite your neck a little bit. Not- Not hard. Just gentle-- gentle little nibbles, like- like a little kitty cat, you know? And then-- And then you would feel my hands kind of descend to your lower region, kind of, uh, finding their way, massaging the skin around your clitoris, which would even stimulate the arousal even more. All the time, I'm whispering delicate little poems in your ear, you know? And the blood from your body is- is rushing to the wet internal walls,