New York, I Love You (2009): Old Couple Argues


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The clip old couple argues from New York, I Love You (2009)

Lift your feet.
You don't lift your feet.
I'm lifting my feet.
No, you're shuffling.
The doctor said you should lift your feet.
I'm lifting, I'm lifting.
You want you should fall down, break your other hip?
At least then the pain would be the same on both sides.
Equal. Everything always has to be equal with you.
I'm a democratic sort of fellow.
Well, see how democratic you feel
when you fall down and break your other hip.
I'm not breaking any hips.
Is there some place you got to get to later?
What is your hurry?
My hurry is I want to get there before next week.
At the rate you walk...
You want faster?
Divorce me and get yourself a younger man.
Tom Cruise, perhaps.
You think you're funny?
I do, as a matter of fact.
Then what would you do, Mr. Smarty-pants?
Mr. I'm so independent,
I don't need any help opening the pickle jar.
I got caught in a pickle.
You'd still be putting on your jacket if it wasn't for me.
Go ahead, hit me, why don't you?
Want to run me down?
All the time, honking like they own the place.
We could have driven.
Who could have driven? You?
You're going to give me a heart attack now?
What's the good of having a car
if I never get to drive it?
You can't drive. You can't even read the street sign.
I still have my license.
Only because that girl at the DMV
took pity on you.
All that flirting with her, oh.
It was embarrassing.
Brighton Beach Avenue.
As if you didn't know what street this was.
I know what street this is. Of course you know what street this is.
You think I don't know what street this is? Did I say you didn't?
I was reading the street sign.
A regular Evelyn Wood I married.
Hurry up, it's green.

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