Smokey and the Bandit II (1980): Holding off the Sheriff


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The clip Holding off the Sheriff from Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) with Burt Reynolds, Jerry Reed

How about you, Bandit?
Got them ears on, son?
Yeah, Snowman. Come on back.
Look two doors behind you and tell me what you see.
Damn! That son of a bitch never gives up!
Yes, but if you'd like to see a bit of heaven, turn around...
'cause Big Bulldog Joe Klecko is driving that Pete parked right on your backdoor.
Right, Joe?
Hi, Joe!
Howdy, Bandit.
I'll leave this in your hands, Snowman. We're coming around.
Roger. We'll break for that, Big Bulldog Joe Klecko.
You got the Bulldog. Kick it back.
See if you can delay that County Mountie at your backdoor.
It's the Bandit.
Hey, you big piece of turkey dump!
Get that mess the hell out of there! You talking to me?
Yes, I'm talking to you!
I'll see if I can get it in gear.
Wait a minute! Hold it!
Wait a minute!
You do that once again, and I'm gonna take you apart...
piece by piece.
Badge is crooked, sir.

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