Smokey and the Bandit II (1980): the Crate Suprising Content


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The clip the crate suprising content from Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) with Jerry Reed, Burt Reynolds

Bo, would you keep your hands to yourself?
Hurry up. The sun's coming up.
Creeping around in a warehouse. We're going to jail, that's where we're going.
I'm going home.
Turn the damn light on.
I ain't got the light. I got it.
Give me the light, would you?
Find the number. I can't get-
Is burglary always this much fun?
Find the number on the crate.
I'm looking. There ain't no numbers! Here's a number.
"1442." All right. We're getting close.
Come on.
Wait, here. "1445." We're hot.
Well, it's gotta be- Hey, here it is.
"1443." Give me that.
"1443." "1445."
You see, 1444 should be right here.
What? Shine the light up there.
Oh, shit!
You mind telling me how come they paint the number of our crate...
up here on the side of the building?
Well, it's a crate acting like a building.
I was afraid you were gonna say that.
You wanna tell me something? How we gonna get that thing on the truck?
Have you seen the size of this crate?
It's gonna take one hell of a forklift.
Tell you right now, I won't be able to keep up my end.
Enos said it would fit in the truck. The man's a chronic liar. I'm alone.
Listen, hold the light. Hold the light?
For goodness' sake. It's just a crate.

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