Bird on a Wire (1990): Not Really Married


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The clip Not really married from Bird on a Wire (1990) with Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn

Are you okay?
Forget it.
Forget what?
I need a phone to get out of here so you two can live happily ever after.
It's not like that. She was...
In your arms and you were naked. I saw it.
It's nothing.
And my name is Dumbo. Who cares?
What's it to you? Why should you care?
You're happily married, yeah?
I'm not.
You're not happy?
Not married.
It just didn't work out.
He was a prick. You're better off without him.
My heart can't take this again.
Remember the time I saw that flying saucer?
We were smoking some pretty heavy stuff back then.
I think I see another one.

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