Bird on a Wire (1990): Sexual Tension in Bed


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The clip Sexual tension in bed from Bird on a Wire (1990) with Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn

Who's this boyfriend?
How'd I know you'd ask me that?
Why shouldn't I?
You'll just belittle him.
I would not.
You will. I know you.
Have it your way.
Please stay above the covers.
My towel is wet. I have to get out of it.
I guess so.
That's better.
Thank you.
Tell me about this boyfriend. What's he like in the sack?
Can he thrill the lake?
I'm not discussing sex with you tonight.
I haven't had a girlfriend in five years.
Mr. Wiggly's been on bread and water for five long years.
Is that the truth?
I didn't think it would be fair.
You cold?
Not really.
Feels familiar, doesn't it?
Thought you said you didn't remember.
I feel kind of selfish under here.
You are very selfish, and not just under there.
Too bad you said that.
I was actually beginning to get turned on.

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