Bird on a Wire (1990): The Feds Arrive


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The clip The Feds arrive from Bird on a Wire (1990)

I'm sorry. I didn't hear the bell.
Are you the young man who was calling?
I told you I didn't think he'd remember.
That's why I thought you should come here.
Sometimes it helps if he sees a face.
Ma'am, do you know who that is?
Those are federal marshals. I called them. I thought this was a setup.
Even if it isn't a setup, you have to talk to them.
You can't keep running...
You're right about one thing. There's nowhere else to run.
You have a basement here?
It's off the kitchen.
Can you show it to me?
What have I done? I'm sorry.
It's designed as a bomb shelter. No one can get in here.
Go and lock yourselves in. Don't come out till it's quiet.
Where are you going, Rick?
I don't know, Lou.
How about the zoo? They got guns there.
You know every inch of the way.
That's a good idea.

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