Bird on a Wire (1990): Waking Up Together


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The clip Waking up together from Bird on a Wire (1990)

Doesn't this feel right?
I had that dream again.
Remember the dream I used to have after we made love?
The one about the Seven Dwarfs?
Remember the dream, we were in the middle of the ocean...
...and it was that really big sailboat?
We were alone.
There was nobody around. It was just us.
That's a nice dream.
Can't we do that?
Can't we find a way?
I've spent 15 years looking for it.
If I could've found it, I'd have come and got you, married or not.
Would you really?
But there's nothing we can do now.
We gotta get out of here.
I'm gonna see what kind of car I can get with that watch of yours.
There must be a way.

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