Bird on a Wire (1990): Marianne Gets Involved


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The clip Marianne gets involved from Bird on a Wire (1990)

You'll love it in Racine. It's a happening town.
The car was rented by Marianne Graves, a lawyer from New York.
How she got involved, I don't know, but I don't like it.
Call it kidnapping.
He'll kill her the same way he killed his boss at the gas station.
I don't like all this killing. Erasing a witness...
You're not trying to back out on us, are you?
Not a good idea, Joe.
Please don't smoke.
We would hate to inform authorities that 20 years ago you were responsible...
...for selling confiscated narcotics out of the back door of the police warehouse.
Yeah, Joe. Especially now that you've got yourself such a big career.
I'm doing everything I can. I've used the kidnapping to bring the FBI in.
We're plugged into the woman's phone lines, credit cards, bank account.
Auto club. They're bound to surface.
When they do, Jarmin will either be shot or wind up in prison. Then he's yours.
We're looking forward to that, Joe.
What a pro.

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