Bird on a Wire (1990): Get Me to St. Louis


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The clip Get me to St. Louis from Bird on a Wire (1990)

We got a blue Beemer.
You're totally unchanged. I've never met anybody more holier-than-thou.
Tell me something honestly. Do you ever donate anything to the poor?
Or do you and Jerry the Napalm King hoard your millions?
Laundry detergent!
Yeah, we had it wrong.
Yes. We're very rich and we hoard our millions.
Occasionally we invite a poor person in for Thanksgiving.
Feed him nothing. We eat turkey in front of him and watch him starve.
Can I drop you somewhere?
Yeah. Wisconsin.
Yeah. Racine, Wisconsin.
I've got to find Lou Baird. He's the one I can trust to get me back into hiding.
What's he doing in Wisconsin?
He's not. He's in St. Louis.
I'm with Rick Jarmin again. The hand is quicker than the eye.
My address book is in Wisconsin.
His sister is there, and I think that's where he retired.
I don't think you're in any witness-relocation program.
You're some two-bit criminal being chased by the police.
You don't mean that.
Or you can't pay your gambling debts.
You dressed it up with this FBI crap.

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