Bird on a Wire (1990): Feeding the Poor


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The clip Feeding the Poor from Bird on a Wire (1990)

This is it?
I think this is it. It's all changed around.
Yeah, this is it. It better be here or I'm in deep shit.
I'm going to look for a bathroom.
Have any change so I can get to the VA hospital?
Hold up.
Be right with you, pal.
What do you need?
What've you got?
What are you doing?
That's all you've got.
Here, brother.
Have three squares on me.
This all you've got?
How dare you do a thing like that!
The guy's hungry.
That's for me to decide! That's my money!
You've got plenty. What's the problem?
I worked hard for it, damn it!
You couldn't carry something smaller? Why do you carry hundreds? Status?
No! Emergency.
This was an emergency.
But it wasn't my emergency.
It's that attitude that keeps half the people in this world starving.
I don't see you feeding the poor!
What did you just see?

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