Bird on a Wire (1990): How Jamie Died


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The clip How Jamie Died from Bird on a Wire (1990)

Where are we now?
What's the matter?
I never told you, Jamie's dead.
He was killed by Sorenson and Diggs.
They were two drug enforcement agents, corrupt ones.
They busted Jamie and me for the nickel bags we bought...
...and told us we'd rot injail if we didn't do exactly what they said.
One minute we were kids...
...and the next we were trapped in the middle of a major drug deal.
They needed our plane.
They made us fly under the radar to an unmarked airstrip on the US side...
...and that's where all hell broke loose.
Diggs and Sorenson must've been under government surveillance...
...'cause there were a lot of cops waiting for us when we landed.
Sorenson came out shooting. He killed one of the border patrol guys.
He wounded another one.
Diggs, however, got away.
Me and Jamie figured we could bring Sorenson down...
...before he killed anybody else.
We were wrong. Jamie got it point blank in the chest.
I spent three months in a Mexicali jail...
...before the FBI finally offered me immunity...
...for testifying against Diggs and Sorenson.

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