Bird on a Wire (1990): Setting Things Straight


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The clip Setting things straight from Bird on a Wire (1990)

Yes. Fine. Taking a shower.
I'm coming home tomorrow.
Okay. 'Bye.
Same guy?
What guy?
Harper. Jeremy III.
Rich boy, redneck asshole. The one you married.
You remember him?
You know I got married?
Yeah. Four months after I disappeared.
That's pretty quick work for a grieving widow.
Where were you?
You could have waited to find out.
I was lonely.
You were lonely so you married the joke of the campus!
Jerry the Napalm King. How could you do that?
We had it wrong. His family made laundry detergent.
Cornwall Chemicals?
No. Kitchen cleanser.
Don't kid yourself. They were getting rich off the war.
The war? Was that it? You were dodging the draft?
Or were you too gutless to tell me you didn't want to marry me?
Are you all right?
Yeah. I just feel a little woozy.
I better call the doctor.
No doctors.
Four Seasons Hotel.
Is this the front desk? Is there a pharmacy?
Yes, certainly.
Please send up gauze pads, tape and hydrogen peroxide.
Right away, Miss Graves.
Thank you.
All right. What's going on?

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