A Bronx Tale (1993): Lorenzo Takes "c" to the Fight


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The clip lorenzo takes "c" to the fight from A Bronx Tale (1993) with Lillo Brancato, Robert De Niro

Sit here.
Nice seats, Dad. I might get a nosebleed.
Hey! What do you want from me?
Come on, Pop. I'm only kidding.
Hi, C. How you doing?
Hello, Lorenzo.
How you doing?
Sonny would like you to come sit down at the ring.
Come down.
Well, erm...
Tell him thanks, but we're good.
Tell Sonny, thanks, but we're good.
Well, you're more than welcome.
You know where we are.
OK, thanks.
Dad, he's being friendly.
I like my seat. I paid for it.
You wanna go down there, you go down there.
Go ahead. Go down there.
"Let's hear it for Rock Van Hallan. "
I bring you here and you wanna be with them. Well, go.
Do you think I want to sit with you if you want to be with them.

A Bronx Tale, Lorenzo Takes "c" To The Fight, Lillo Brancato, Jr., Robert De Niro, AnyClip, Entertainment


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