A Bronx Tale (1993): Talent


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The clip talent from A Bronx Tale (1993) with Robert De Niro, Francis Capra

Let's play a game, Dad.
OK. Who was the last player to win the triple crown?
Mickey Mantle.
Batting average: 353.
RVIs: 130.
Home runs: 52.
Pretty good, son.
He's the best ball player that ever lived, Dad.
Joe Dee's the greatest ball player.
Yankee clipper. 56 games in a streak.
That's right.
Nobody beat that. Right, Dad?
Nobody beat that, son.
And why he was so great?
He was Italian?
Well, partly that.
Then why?
Because of his talent.
That's right.
Do I have talent, Dad?
You have all the talent in the world.
Can I be a baseball player?
You can be anything you want.
The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.
If you don't do the right thing with that talent, nothing happens.
But if you do right, good things happen.
You hear me?
You're right.
Let's get that ice cream.
Yeah. Good.
I'm gonna shut the doors, right, Dad?
Ready? On two.
Got it?
I got it.
'Wasted talent, that was something my father would talk about all of my life. '
We can hear the start of the game.

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