A Bronx Tale (1993): Sonny's Guys in the Bar Part 2


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The clip sonny's guys in the bar Part 2 from A Bronx Tale (1993) with Lillo Brancato

'Tony Toupee owned the bar in name only. '
'It was really Sonny's place. '
'Tony was a singer and everybody hated his voice. '
'So for spite he never spoke a word, he always sung it. '
'They called him Tony Toupee cos he wore the worst hairpiece in the world. '
'Eddie Mush was a gambler. '
'He was also the biggest loser ever. '
'Everything he touched turned to mush. '
I need a winner.
'He would go to the races
and the teller would give him his tickets already ripped up. '
I had the Yankees, they've lost.
If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.
'Georgio the Whale. '
'As they say, you didn't walk with Georgio,
you walked among him. '
'You could see him get fatter by the hour. '
'Legend has it, his shadow once killed a dog. '
'Frankie Coffeecake,
so called cos his face looked like a coffee cake. '
'He was tough to look at. '
OK, kid, how're you doing?
'His name was Jimmy Whispers, and he was Sonny's main man. '
'Everything was a secret to him. '
David KO knocked guys out,
and Bobby Bars spent half his life behind them.
This was Sonny's crew, and nobody fucked with them.

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