Driving Miss Daisy: Hoke-goes-out-to-pee


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The clip hoke-goes-out-to-pee from Driving Miss Daisy with Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

They fixed crab for me.
Minnie always fixes crab. They go to so much trouble.
It's all ruined by now.
We going to have to pull over.
What's wrong with the car?
There ain't nothing wrong with the car.
I got to be excused.
I got to go make water.
You should have thought of that at the service station.
You know colored can't use the toilet at any service station, Miss Daisy.
There's no time to stop. We'll be in Mobile soon. You can wait.
No, ma'am.
- I told you to wait! - I heard what you said.
How do you think I feel having to ask you can I go make water...
...like I am some child.
I'd be ashamed.
I ain't no child, Miss Daisy.
And I ain't just a back of the neck you look at while you go where you got to go.
I am a man. I'm near 70 years old. And I know when my bladder's full.
Now I'm going to get out of this car...
...and go over there and do what I got to do.
And I'm taking the key with me, too. Now that's all there is to it!

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