Role Models (2008): You're Not Happy


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The clip you're not happy from Role Models (2008) with Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks

Thanks for meeting me.
I got you a venti chai,
which is what they call a large here, which I love.
There's a transformation.
Yes, well, you know, I've been doing this community service for almost a month,
and I really feel as if it's given me some perspective on things.
Well, that's great. I hope that's true, Danny.
So let's get married.
Okay, I'm gonna leave now. Wait.
Danny, you are not taking this breakup seriously.
Yeah, because I don't want it.
Do you really think I wanted this?
Look. Hey. This is us.
This is not us.
We have not been us in a while, because you are not you.
Danny, you're not happy.
I've been with you seven years, and it's been getting progressively worse.
And it makes me feel bad about me that I can't make you happier.
Where am I gonna find a girl who hates all the same things I do?
You're so romantic.
Hey. Hey.
"You complete me."
"You had me at 'hello."' Oh, God. Danny.
Come on, Beth. You're not...
You're not hearing what I'm saying to you.
"I am just a girl standing in front of a boy, telling her to love her."
You don't even know that one.
Hey. Come on.
"Who you gonna call?"
"Ghost Busters." Okay. You know what?
No. I am committing to this breakup. This is the best thing for us.
You can call me if you need legal advice.

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