Role Models (2008): Kiss-My-Anthia Part 2


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The clip Kiss-My-Anthia Part 2 from Role Models (2008) with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Paul Rudd

"You should be embarrassed of yourself.
"You look like a young Marvin Hamlisch."
Well, you know what I say to those naysayers?
I say nay! I will fight!
I will not be embarrassed!
Who the fuck is Marvin Hamlisch?
He wrote the music to The Sting.
That's a good movie.
But I don't care,
'cause in this moment, doing what I love,
I know I have already won.
An honorable, albeit court-appointed, friend once said to me,
"Do what makes you happy."
And nothing would make me happier than to fight alongside you brave men.
When the elders speak of this day,
they will speak of the courage of Kiss-My-Anthia.
Of the Spaceman.
The Demon.
The Starchild.
And me, the Cat!
So let us raise our swords in victory,
crank this shit up to 11,
and let's rip this realm a new asshole!
Yeah! What the fuck are we talking about?
May Xanthia and Kiss-My-Anthia be allies.
King Argotron be damned. We fight with you.
Thank you, friends. Your honor is great.
Come. Let us gingerly touch our tips.
Game on!

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